2048 Block Shooter
2048 Block Shooter
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Use the power of numbers to eliminate 2048 squares - Apk 2048 Block Shooter safely for free!

A little about the app 2048 Block Shooter

《2048 Block Shooter》 is a casual puzzle game application that integrates color and mathematics elements. The operation is simple and easy to use but requires thinking. It faces a wide range of user groups and can better develop digital talents for children in advance. . Relax and relieve your worries. At the same time, it can effectively exercise the brain.
In the classic gameplay of 2048, it integrates the concept of elimination, and through many predictions of strategies, it produces rich entertainment effects.
In the classic mode of the game, users can see their scores and the number of gems eliminated in real time, which can give users a good reminder and guide them to make the right decision. In endless mode, challenge your limits and get the highest score.
Come join the chaos and enjoy the happy time of solving puzzles.
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2048 Block Shooter
2048 Block Shooter