8 Ball Arena
8 Ball Arena
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Free apk 8 Ball Arena download

Free 8 Ball Pool Game to Play with Friends, Random Opponents or Tournaments. - Apk 8 Ball Arena safely for free!

A little about the app 8 Ball Arena

8 Ball Pool Arena is a free Multiplayer 8 ball pool billiards game app with Realistic Physics and the most Comfortable User Controls. Play 8 Ball Pool Arena billiards game and make the winning your habit. Join us now!

Play free 8 ball game more to get new Levels, raise your Ranks, earn generous Bonuses starting from 100 coins and get your *Crowns* for higher Ranks!

Whether you are on the go or enjoy your leisure time playing games in your phone or tablet, then download 8 Ball Pool Arena by Start playing with your Friends or 1 vs 1 against your live rivals. Compete in Tournaments and get Exclusive Cues.
The following Modes are available:

- PRACTICE (play with a computer) -
- PLAY AS GUEST (with random players) -
- PLAY 1 vs 1 (with random players) -
- TOURNAMENT (with 8 participants) -
- WITH FRIENDS (find Friends by Name or ID and Challenge them) -

8 Ball Pool Arena is an interesting free billiards game, which can be played Offline as well to Practice skills.
Take advantage of available Boosts to make your billiard game more effective even in practice mode:

- Get a Power Boost to increase Force of the Shot;
- Get an ability to Increase the Aim Line;
- Improve your game with a Masse Shot skill;
- Get advantage to see Direction after Collision with the Cushion.

Just press “Play” and start your first billiard match with opponents from all over the world with 8 different entrance fees with different rewards – prizes starting from 100 up to 1 000 000 coins. Whether you are a professional player or a beginner, fun is guaranteed when playing this challenging 8 ball pool game!
Download it now and try it out!

Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/BilliardsPoolArena/
What's new in 8 Ball Arena?
Fixed ads loading issue in previous update.

This is our biggest update in the game yet. We have added exciting new features into the game for you.

- 9 Ball Mode
- Higher Prize Rooms
- Special Effects for Cue
- Redesigned Cue Shop
- Spin the Wheel
- Improved Play with Friends Feature
- Improved Tutorial
- Bug Fixes and Performance Improvement
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8 Ball Arena
8 Ball Arena