AC Live Wire Finder
AC Live Wire Finder
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Free apk AC Live Wire Finder download

AC live wire finder app used to detect live and voltage free electrical wires - Apk AC Live Wire Finder safely for free!

A little about the app AC Live Wire Finder

Ac live wire finder app is free app for detecting hidden metal, AC live wire, cable, electrical wires and hidden studs in walls, floors, ceilings and under plasterboard. If you want to decorate your room, office, home or want to do some construction work, this wire and pipe detector app will helps you and make your works safer.

You can easily detect AC live wires, electrical wires, metal pipes hidden studs and electrical circuits underground and inside the wall.

The good features of this metal objects finder app is, it can find and detect many hidden devices with multiple scanning features, like this app can detect studs up to 80 mm in depth, other copper materials up to 40 mm in depth, AC live wires up to 25 mm in depth, metal pipes and objects up to 30 mm in depth and all electrical wires up to 30 mm in depth.

AC live wire finder app has deep scan mode for different metal objects detection which will help you in drilling work. To figure out where are the AC live wires, metal pipes, cables, studs and electrical wires, try this free app now.

If you looking for AC live wire detector app which can also traces ferrous and non-ferrous metals with accuracy, then try this wire and cable detector app which will help you in finding all type of electrical wires and metal objects very safely.

Wire and cable app is very easy to use, this free wire finder app ensures safety and speed when you making holes in walls, ceiling, and floors, with the help of this smart and free app you can easily locate and trace AC live wiring, metal pipes, hidden metal objects without damaging your walls and floors.

To figure out exactly where the AC live wire and hidden metal objects are, you have to find exact location of magnetic sensor in your phone, because this wire finder app works using magnetic sensors, so for better result try to move the edge of your phone where magnetic sensor placed and then start scanning for hidden wires.

- Sensitivity adjustment.
- Multiple scanning modes.
- Trace wire and cable with sound and vibration.
- Detect hidden studs, metal objects and electrical wires.
- Scan for network cables and metal pipes.
- Free AC live wire finder.
- You can also detect electromagnetic fields or EMF radiation.

Now it’s easy to detect and find live AC wires and also this app can be used to trace metal gas and water pipes inside walls and underground. Install this free wire detector app now and start scanning for hidden AC live wires and metal objects.
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AC Live Wire Finder
AC Live Wire Finder