Accessible Doc Reader
Accessible Doc Reader
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Free Innovation Garage Posted in: 2020-11-03
Screenshots - Accessible Doc Reader Screenshots - Accessible Doc Reader Screenshots - Accessible Doc Reader Screenshots - Accessible Doc Reader Screenshots - Accessible Doc Reader Screenshots - Accessible Doc Reader Screenshots - Accessible Doc Reader Screenshots - Accessible Doc Reader

Free apk Accessible Doc Reader download

This app is a document file reader app designed for the visually impaired people - Apk Accessible Doc Reader safely for free!

A little about the app Accessible Doc Reader

1st February, 2018 in collaboration with VIEW Foundation, Innovation Garage Limited has developed an important innovation for persons with visual disability The Accessible Doc Reader overcomes a previously insurmountable problem for people with a visual impairment who want to read and work with doc, rtf and text files in Bangla and English language.
* Use google tts as default text to speech before using this app.
* The app supports Bangla and English with the current version.
This innovative product is now available free of charge to Android users.
The Accessible Doc Reader has a range of functions which make DOC, RTF and TXT documents accessible to visually impaired smartphones and mini tablets users and also to older people and those with learning disabilities. The Doc Reader filters the text out of a document and presents it in a user-friendly interface.
The development of the Accessible Doc Reader has been supported by View Foundation.
Innovation Garage Limited is a distinctive effort toward developing barrier-free, accessible solution as a contribution to digital aria. Our mission is to come up with ideas and real life solutions. Our innovations are result of inquisitive research and the tenacity to keep going until we are done. We possess expertise to include extra feature to the software and system we develop for our client, that make it accessible for people with visual disabilities and it is what sets us apart from others. ‘To deal with challenging problems and inventing solutions for those’- is a duty incumbent upon Innovation Garage team.
Objectives:Our aim is to develop scalable, available and complex but user friendly solution. We provide need-based customized systems for individuals or groups. Keeping in mind, the emerging needs of people from different business, we work on concrete solutions for them that help them to cut-off the redundancies. Apart from business purpose, we research on system that could have beneficial effects on persons with disabilities. Our objective is to ensure speed, accuracy, security, accessibility for everyone through our innovation and accelerate the digital transformation of Bangladesh.

* New features add:
* 1. Multiple languages can be selected to read documents.
* 2. Auto TTS is supported as TTS Engine.
* 3. Reading will stop at the time of incoming calls.

Our Engineers:
T. A. M. Ragib Shahriar
Noushad Sojib
Developed By:
Inovation Garage
Innovation Garage Limited
25, PC Culture Housing Society
Road # 1, Block- “Kha”
Adabor, Dhaka-1207
Phone: +8801762286738
Face Book:
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4.2 and up
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Accessible Doc Reader
Accessible Doc Reader