Accounta: Simplified Accounting System
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The most simplified & automated Accounting System. Be an accountant yourself!

Accounta: Simplified Accounting System is a business accounting application/software perfect for businesses under merchandising, manufacturing and service business categories. The user-friendly System UI and simplified entry forms and database allow users to fully utilize all available features of the app with ease and satisfaction.

Accounting? Debit or Credit? Forget about it!
Accounta is designed to automate all accounting entries just by inputting your regular transactions. Basically, the app aims to transform the users into accountants by enabling them to generate standard accounting financial statements and reports such as; Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flows, Ledgers, Journal, etc… without requiring any accounting know-how.

Accounta. Accounting made Easy. Accounting made for Everybody!

(with 14 days free trial)

(P 100.00 for 1 month/ P 300.00 for 3 months/ P 550.00 for 6 months/ P 1,000.00 for 12 months)

A - Transactions:
1. Sales Database – Monitors your cash/ charge sales, POS for Goods and Services with discounting features, generate Sales Reports & Invoices that can be emailed/ printed/ export to excel and PDF and enables tracking of sales transaction in specified period.
2. Purchases Database – Monitors your cash/ term purchases, Generate Purchases and Receiving Reports that can be emailed/ printed/ export to excel and PDF and enables tracking of purchase transactions in specified period.
3. Expenses Database – Monitoring of expenses paid within the specified period, generate expense reports.
4. Manufacture Database – conversion of raw materials to products for sale, generate Manufacturing Reports.

B – Master List:
1. Inventory Master List – create unlimited inventory, real-time stocks monitoring, tracks indefinite items (items bought in packs/group but sold in smaller units such as; nails bought per box but sold per kilogram) and inventory write-off function.
2. Customer Master List – create unlimited customer with profile.
3. Supplier Master List – create unlimited supplier with profile.
4. Bank Master List – create unlimited Bank with profile.
5. Expense Master List – create unlimited expenses.

C – Income Statement: Generate income statement in specified period.

D – Settings: Update your company profile, view notifications/reminders, delete /edit wrong entries, system back-up and restore.

SILVER SUBSCRIPTION Features (Coming Soon):
1. All features in Bronze Subscription
2. Accounts Receivable Database
3. Accounts Payable Database
4. Loans Payable Database
5. Petty Cash Fund Database
6. Purchase Order Database
7. Employee Cash Advance Database

GOLD SUBSCRIPTION Features (Coming Soon):
1. All features in Bronze and Silver Subscription
2. Fixed Asset / Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) Database
3. Depreciation Expense Database
4. Bank Statement and Bank Reconciliation Database
5. Investment Database
6. Withdrawal Database
7. Accounting System Database (Journal Entries, Accounts Ledger, Trial Balance, Statement of Cash Flows, Balance Sheet, etc…)
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Accounta: Simplified Accounting System
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Accounta: Simplified Accounting System
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