Ants Simulator - OYYY!
Ants Simulator - OYYY!
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Free [Computer] Oyyy Posted in: 2020-09-18
Screenshots - Ants Simulator - OYYY! Screenshots - Ants Simulator - OYYY! Screenshots - Ants Simulator - OYYY!

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Draw food at the table and watch the ants eat them. Yeah. That. - Apk Ants Simulator - OYYY! safely for free!

A little about the app Ants Simulator - OYYY!

I know you've observed them, watched them, analyzed them and grew up with them in your childhood life. You enjoyed looking at them, curious to know what they do, and feel the satisfaction given by their awesome genetically-embedded teamwork.

Now relive those moments and do the same thing on your phone, anytime, anywhere, over and over again.

REAL Ants (version 0) is a simple app that recreates the experience of watching ants eating stuff on the ground, table, backyard, or just anywhere else (limited to a table for now), and have the joy of seeing them bring the foods back to their home-base to bring nourishment their families - without the worry of accidentally killing them or them killing you (or just a bite).

(can also be used as a writing/drawing tool).
What's new in Ants Simulator - OYYY!?
🎧 High Definition Audio of ants. Experience ANTSMR on a whole new level!
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Ants Simulator - OYYY!
Ants Simulator - OYYY!