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Play Call Break - the multiplayer card game. No internet required. - Apk Apna CallBreak safely for free!

A little about the app Apna CallBreak

CallBreak Card game is very similar to Spades. It is a multiplayer trick-taking card game played by 4 players.

Benefits of downloading APNA CALLBREAK :
1. Very simple to play
2. Lots of deck, and backgrounds to choose from.
3. Only 6MB in size.
4. No internet required.

The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards.
There are 5 rounds in CallBreak game, unlike the Spades game.

In each round, 52 cards are distributed among the players. Each player gets 13 cards.
All the players look at their cards and bid the number of hands they would make in this round.
A player can bid from 1 to 8 hands. The first person to bid is randomly selected.

After bidding is complete, the person who made the first bid gets the chance. He can throw any card.
Other players have to follow 2 rules:
1. If they have a card of the same suite, they have to throw same suite card.
2. If they have a card better than the cards on the table, they have to throw that.

Order or priority of cards are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace in ascending order.
Which means Ace (A) is the highest card and 2 is the lowest card.
Spade is always the trump.

The person who throws the biggest trump or the biggest card wins the hand.
After each round score is calculated.
If a player made exactly the same number of hands he bid then he gets 1 point for each hand.
If a player made more hands than he bid then he gets 0.1 point for each extra hand.
If a player is not able to make the number of hands he bid then his score is negative. That is -1 point for each hand he bid.

The winner of the Round 1 gets to bid first in Round 2 and so on...

At the end of 5 rounds the person with highest score wins the game.

Please share your feedback on blacklightmobi@gmail.com. We are listening to you.
What's new in Apna CallBreak?
CallBreak - The most loved multiplayer Card Game.
Only in 6 MB.
No internet required.

Lets play Apna CallBreak.
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Apna CallBreak
Apna CallBreak