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Free App and Game Maker Posted in: 2019-10-16
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App Maker. APK Creator.App Creator. Make Android app. App builder for Android - Apk App Maker safely for free!

A little about the app App Maker

App Maker is an Android application that creates Android Apps directly on your phone or tablet without programming.Download App Maker for free today.

App Maker builds stunning Android apps which can be installed on any Android phone or tablet or uploaded to Play stores. App Maker is free to use for basic apps.

Get this app maker or app creator today!

You can create android apps or build apps and make apps and also design apps with app maker.
App maker is free to download. App maker generates fully functional APKs directly on your phone without programming. For, all your app needs, get app maker today.

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You also need to learn Android development, learn android programming, Android studio tutorial, Android programming tutorial,Android app development tutorial
App Maker for Android Features:
App Maker has the following activities/app types:
-About your app/company: Build about us pages with App Maker
-Audio Player: Build apps that play audio files with App Maker
-RSS: Build stunning RSS apps with text and images with our app maker
-Web: Build web apps with App Maker
-Facebook: Build Facebook apps/apps with Facebook pages
-Email:Build apps for sending emails with App Maker
-Map: Build apps for displaying locations/maps with our app maker
-Phone:Build apps for making phone calls with our app maker
-PDF:Build PDF reading apps with App Maker
-Twitter:Build apps for displaying tweets with our app maker
-YouTube:Build apps for playing YouTube videos with our app maker
-Google Play: Build apps for linking other apps in Google Play store with our app maker
-Custom: Build beautiful custom apps for basically everything e.g custom pages, custom websites etc with our app maker

App Maker has the ability to build individual apps with the above features or a single app with all the above features.

Your creativity and imagination is the key to building wonderful apps for yourself or your company.

App Maker has all the features you need to start building powerful apps. All apps made by App Maker are purely Java/Native which ensures you have powerful apps that operate with speed/load faster on both phones and tablets.

We will always be adding new features or app types to App Maker.

Download App Maker for free today and start building powerful apps.

Our app builder and app generator will help you design apks faster. It features an intuitive apk builder or apk generator that works like an app designer to help you make web apps or any new Android native apps.
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App Maker
App Maker