Blink Fit
Blink Fit
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Companion App for Blink PLAY, Blink GO & Timex Blink - Apk Blink Fit safely for free!

A little about the app Blink Fit

Take your fitness game a notch higher with Blink Fit, the companion app for all your Blink devices: Blink GO, Blink PLAY and Timex Blink.

Blink Fit lets you track and monitor your Daily Activity, Heart Rate, Sleep Pattern and more. It also lets you listen and do Guided Workouts to up your fitness game! And it inspires you to outpace your friends and yourself through the uniquely designed Fitness Leaderboard.

The various features of Blink Fit app include:

• Connect and sync all your Blink devices simultaneously
• Track and analyse your fitness data like steps, active calories, distance and active hours
• Monitor your Periodic Heart Rate to make better lifestyle decisions
• Analyse your Sleep Pattern to distinguish between deep sleep, light sleep and awake state
• Audio Guided Workouts for various activities and fitness goals
• Share your fitness achievements on social media
• Set up multiple Alarms on the Blink GO or Timex Blink devices as wake-up and reminder alerts
• Check out the Fitness Leaderboard to help compete with your friends
• See your Phone Calls and App notifications on Blink Go & Timex Blink with the help Blink Fit app
What's new in Blink Fit?
Fixed android 10 phone track support.
minor bug fixes.
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5.0 and up
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Blink Fit
Blink Fit