Caller id Changer Sec
Caller id Changer Sec
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caller id Security Buffer - Apk Caller id Changer Sec safely for free!

A little about the app Caller id Changer Sec

Caller Id Sec allows you to safely validate calls without any risk to your phone bill from premium rate numbers to jane and john doe's.
Why Caller id Sec?
Every time you call back a missed call that is unknown you are at risk of calling a premium rate numer which will incur large costs on your phone bill.
How does it work
Quite simply just enter the number in the caller id section and select check. We have also added the feature where you can select the number from the missed call logs directly. You will be alerted with the status of that number as 'Premium - unsafe' or 'Premium - safe'. You may add that number to your phones block list by selecting block.
Have any questions?
Send support an email and we will be glad to assist
Whats new?
*Near instant validation of numbers
*Call log number import
*We have removed some features in compliance with google play

Coming soon
* Realtime number validation - our application will run in the background automatically checking all incoming calls and notifying you of their validity
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4.0 and up
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Caller id Changer Sec
Caller id Changer Sec