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Free Collarbook Posted in: 2020-08-09
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Collarbook helps you connect and share with like-minded people around the world - Apk CollarBook safely for free!

A little about the app CollarBook

Collarbook is one big family. You could be on any level of kink, we welcome you with extended arms to interact with fellow kinksters. On one platform, accepting the diverse nature of our community, experienced and newbies come together to make the lifestyle networking circle a better place.
We believe that communication is the first step to any relationship. This app aims to bring all the people around the world, who live the same lifestyle, together at one place.
Our lifestyle isn’t “all about pain or roleplay”, in actuality, it is about the exchange of power and pleasure.
Openness in a relationship is what makes it flourish. This lifestyle, when practiced in a safe, consensual manner, can take the relationship between partners to new levels of intimacy. Many people who are a part of this, live among us and it’s increasing its reach to more and more people around the world and we promise to bring everyone together. The trust and communication that is a vital characteristic that leads the power exchange dynamics is also what drives us here at collarbook. The safety of our members is our fundamental aim and to make this a safe haven, we have features like:
• Private and safe environment
• Only friends can see personal pictures and posts
• Messages accepted, will only follow through
We give you a chance to discover the undiscovered in yourselves and probe through your sexualities and minds to decipher who you really are and what you really enjoy!! From various roles, genders, kinks and sexualities, we open the doors to the vast world of the lifestyle… come let's grow together.
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