Coloring by numbers — PixelGO
Coloring by numbers — PixelGO
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Over 3,000+ pixel-art images 🥳 Painting free 🖌️ - Apk Coloring by numbers — PixelGO safely for free!

A little about the app Coloring by numbers — PixelGO

Have you ever thought of plunging into the world of bright colors and giving free rein to your creativity? Or perhaps you just want to relax and steady your nerves? And maybe you are the parents of a toddler who cannot sit still? Then we would like to bring to your attention the “rainbow coloring” app.

These pictures to colour are a kind of anti-stress coloring. After all, in order to fill the cells in the picture with different colors correctly, you should take your mind off your thoughts and try to focus. In addition, this art therapy makes positive impact on the brain, uplifts the soul and takes the heat off.

All you need to do is choose the colors and fill with them the necessary areas, so-called pixels, according to the numbers-colors. The game presents a large number of images of different subjects of your choice, such as:

— Animals;
— Anime heroes
— Cars;
— Cartoon characters;;
— Dishes;
— Famous paintings;
— Flags of all states;
— Logos of football clubs from all around the world.

In addition to these pictures, there are also many others that can be colored by the whole family. Because even a 3-year-old moppet can cope with the process. Besides, it is useful for children. Such pixel pictures to colour develop fantasy and fine motor skills of hands, teach the children to be diligent and improve intellectual and creative energies.

If you want to compete with other players, then you have this opportunity as well. You can take part in filling pixels with colors race. The one who colors the entire image first until the end of the specified time receives the Stars. You can buy tools on them, thanks to which the pixels can be filled up much faster.

Get rid of the stress with a smile!
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Coloring by numbers — PixelGO
Coloring by numbers — PixelGO