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Free COMPETE IMPOSSIBLE LTD Posted in: 2021-07-03
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Compete Impossible, Virtual Athletic Events with Rewards - Apk Compete Impossible safely for free!

A little about the app Compete Impossible

We are now welcoming our first 100,000 athletes to our community. Join today, invite friends, build or attend events and get continuous rewards from a sustainable ecosystem.

Rewards, Events and Gamification for the everyday athlete. Saving the planet, one race at a time.

Come join the revolution.

Compete Impossible's mission is to convert activity into rewards from independent sustainable retailers. We keep athletes physically active by giving them the opportunity to take part in virtual or in-person events around the world 🌍🏃‍♂‍🏃🏾‍♀‍🚴‍♂‍🏊‍♂‍

1. Download Compete Impossible 📲
2. Build your profile 📸
3. Join real-time challenges and leagues - take part in ours, or build your own virtual event 🏆
4. Get a reward from our partners 🛍
5. Repeat 🚀

About Compete Impossible

Compete Impossible is a new athletic social platform which facilitates on-demand virtual and in-person meetups for athletes all over the world, hosting multidisciplinary events such as triathlons, duathlons, marathons, cycles, and virtual swimming galas. Athletes joining the platform can track Running, Walking, Cycling and Swimming activity via the app or a connected wearable. Once signed up, users can participate in challenges hosted by Compete Impossible, create their own custom-made leagues with friends, and earn rewards from the ethical, sustainable retailers in the app’s Rewards Marketplace. Since hitting the App Store and Google Play, Compete Impossible has been downloaded in over 65 countries in just one month.

How is CI different?
· Dedicated to rewards for our athletes! To do this, we partner with independent retailers across the planet within the triathlon, gym wear, wearables, superfoods and athletics sectors.
· Multi-disciplined events. Through our platform you can take part in triathlons and duathlon events racing the planet.
· You can become an event or challenge creator! Within 5 minutes create your own events, challenges and leagues which can be virtual or in-person.
· Serious Events Made Fun! Get into real-time events through competing in virtual ones first. This could be your first triathlon or 10k, try it first here and get prepared for the big day ahead.
· Over 10+ Sponsored Rewards Marketplace Events with Guaranteed rewards every month.
· Real-time metadata connecting leagues and performance charts for challenges. Become competitive and achieve your goals. You climb the leader board in real time.
· Independent Ecosystem for partners including events, charities and ethical retailers.
· Ethical sourcing and being environmentally focused is one of our core values.

Connectivity to Partners
You can track via the App or via a connected Garmin and Apple Watch. Starting from March 2021 this will also include Polar.
What's new in Compete Impossible?
- Link Instagram account
- Introduce profile types
- Invite friends
- Request support by messaging us
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Compete Impossible
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