Cooling Fan Prank
Cooling Fan Prank
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Cooling Fan Prank app is Great for sleeping - Apk Cooling Fan Prank safely for free!

A little about the app Cooling Fan Prank

Cooling Fan Prank app is Great for sleeping, relaxing, focusing, calming your mind, meditation, studying, blocking out

background disturbances and providing soothing sound for your baby.
You can sleep in noise of fan sound and it is irritating sound But this app is very helpful for You because it have very

relaxing sound and animation of fan moving.
There are many people who are used to fan sound before falling into sleep, keeping the fan open is the cause of energy

consumption and increase in utility bills.
Cooling Fan Prank is one of the target app that help you in creating the ambience of sleep and also make you relax.
Get a better sleep with Fan Noises For Sleeping!.
Cooling Fan Prank will help you relax and get a wonderful night's rest.
You don't know you need this sleep fan aid until you start using it, so give it a go!
Instead of turning on an electric fan in your room, start this white noise for sleep fan and prepare for a relaxing night!.
Many people rely on the sound of their fan to help them fall asleep.
it is very easy to use and visually appealing.
Cooling Fan Prank provides a simple table fan sound with built in on off switch.
The audio loops are smooth, the sounds are peaceful.

Enjoy our simple whitenoise fan app to help you sleep better and relieve stress.
Who want to sleep well.
Want to breath better
Want to relax
free high quality fan sounds
easy to use play and pause fan sounds
work offline
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Cooling Fan Prank
Cooling Fan Prank