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Dark Zombie
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2D zombie survival action game in a world full of dark zombies - Apk Dark Zombie safely for free!

A little about the app Dark Zombie

- Story -
After the mystery three years ago, a dark zombie appeared in a peaceful family. Three years later, almost everyone became dark zombies or zombies. But nobody knows that. Because if you touch a dark zombie, you die. And you become a zombie. No one knows. But there's the only one who knows that. It is the person who made tears of repentance. What are tears of repentance? I don't know well either. But it is the only ingredient that can neutralize dark zombies and zombies. It saved us from special walls and guns and bullets. And looking for the person who made the tears of repentance.

- Game introduction -
Dark zombie is a 2D action zombie game.
Dark zombies are inspired by many masterpieces in 2D games, and zombies with unmatched hitting, difficult difficulty and many characteristics will make you happy. If you like devil's character, magyechon, Mario, and many other zombie games, you can try this game with fun.

- Game system -
1. Talk to three NPCs in town. They also give hints and descriptions of each stage.

2. Basic two-step jump is possible. You can avoid zombies by using two-stage jumps.

3. Collect coins to buy guns, upgrade and buy characters. It's easier to neutralize zombies.

4. There are often hidden coins. Look carefully.

- Developer's horse -
Hello, I'm game developer Son Seung-hyun. Since it is my first work as a mobile indie single developer, I am not good enough. Still, I like zombie games more than anyone else. If you give me support and feedback, I will continue to make fun zombie games.

- Customer Center -
Email: sonjjj9408@naver.com

- Zombie 2D Action Game
What's new in Dark Zombie?
Improving Player Manipulation Movement
Improving the portion of the total missing when moving on to the next chapter after clearing the chapter.
Rehabilitation drugs that can be obtained by advertising, adding the number of coins
Resurrection medicine in stores, total price control
Modifying tutorial text typos and adjusting bonus coin
NPCtext typos and corrections
Fixed bug with font blur
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4.1 and up
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Dark Zombie
Dark Zombie