Death Timer Countdown Prank
Death Timer Countdown Prank
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A little about the app Death Timer Countdown Prank

The issue of life and death is what worries every person. Even if you think that you are not interested in this question by looking into your own subconscious, you will understand that it cannot but worry.

And, of course, many of those living at all times would be interested to know the date of their death. It is truly mystical and mysterious to know when and under what circumstances it is necessary to leave this world. It is with this question that the countdown of death program will run into you.

Countdown is a unique application that will help you plunge into the world of magic, mysticism and predictions. It is easy to guess that the “countdown timer” application will count down the time until your death. Yes, and do not rush to remove countdown death or shrug skeptically! Install the countdown killer app and you will feel this chill of the other world!

Of course, do not forget that countdown timer to death is just a joke, so you definitely should not take seriously countdown timer death.

Countdown death app is a great opportunity to prank your friends. Especially if you have the opportunity to quietly install the application on their phone! Given the fact that the program can host a countdown widget, your friends may be very surprised. Or even get scared, because their smartphone begins to prophesy death for them!

In order to set the countdown timer widget, you just need to enter the widget settings on your phone and select the appropriate option! After this, countdown death will begin to calculate how many days are left before meeting with the forefathers.

We do not recommend downloading the countdown days app to children, as well as suspicious people, hypochondriacs. Our task is to entertain you with the countdown scary app, and not to scare you! Make a joke, smile and do not give Bones a chance to come for you ahead of time!

You may also be interested in other no less interesting developments, for example, countdown to Christmas, countdown timer to a date or countdown Disney, countdown movie app, countdown days.

It`s app it joke and prank!
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Death Timer Countdown Prank
Death Timer Countdown Prank