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Learn Digital Marketing online with basic concept and get recent updates - Apk Digital Marketing App safely for free!

A little about the app Digital Marketing App

Digital Marketing App

This app is for the user who are really interested in the digital marketing field and wants to learn digital marketing with some basic concepts. We provide the recent updates and ask your doubts online about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing, a cost-effective and versatile means for businesses to succeed in a bigger audience. It will facilitate a business keep before its competitors and reach as many of us as attainable.
Digital Marketing has its distinctive edges which will reach and get your whole noticed.
Digital Marketing will open lots of doors and an innovative advertising technique.
We can use in a very wide selection of medium of the net, including:
Social Media
Relationship Marketing
Content Marketing

This application will guild the user about Online Marketing tools, which will help the user in their respective business. All the small and medium level business need smart digital marketing. In Today's Competitive time 80% of the business will fall down within 18 months. With the help of this application, the people can understand how to manage the business with the help of these online digital marketing tools.

We live in a whole new era where we can't ignore the power of the Internet. If they really want to achieve success, regardless of your industry. They Should Have a well sound strategic online marketing plan so they run their business from its initial days, and these Online Marketing Tools help them run a good online campaign for their business.

We have a separate section in our Digital Marketing App for those who are interested to boost their business with the help of Online Marketing Tools. These tools are free to use for the digital Marketing Campaign or for the Social Media Campaign.

In this Free Digital Marketing app, we provide many more information on a regular base, so we will update the user with the digital marketing trends.

We have provided a different level of Quiz for a different level of experienced people. Here in this application, you can just give the test and check out the result in a few minutes. The Quiz is related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Who can use this application :
1. Student

2. Job Seekers

3. Freelancers

4. Digital Marketers


6. Tech Content Writer

This Application will provide you a complete Digital Marketing course, tutorial, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

In this present time of digital marketing, there are several influencers. These influencers use digital promoting to sell their product and services. We'd like a powerful digital promoting and general digital presence to urge their attention and in progress relation.

There are a lot of ways to use high-quality digital promoting, and banner ad promoting, content promoting, and social media posts. therefore, by learning a way to produce promoting yourself digitally, you open up a large vary of potentialities for future promotional material ways. With digital promoting, you might have the flexibleness of testing and stopping poorly playacting campaigns in the time period.

Learn SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing basics with tutorials.

This Digital marketing App Content

1) Digital Marketing Quiz
2) Digital Marketing Basic Concept tutorial
3) Live chat for digital marketing doubts within the app
4) SEO course with live website
5) SEO tools list
6) SEO interview questions
7) SEO exam and certification
8) Social Media Course
9) Social Media Quiz
10) Digital Marketing updates
11) SEO Updates
12) Email Marketing course
13) Live internet stats
14) Study material
15) Tips and Tricks
16) Digital Marketing quotation

Learn digital marketing with a tutorial inside this app and if you face any doubts, you can ask online through our chat feature.

if you are already an SEO, then you can check your knowledge through quiz level 1 to level 5 and get instant results.
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some more new features added and welcome screen changed in the app
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Digital Marketing App
Digital Marketing App