DIY Hydroponic Ideas
DIY Hydroponic Ideas
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The etymology of hydroponics comes from the Greek word which consists of two words. Namely hydro and ponos. Hydro which means water and ponos which means kerja.iJadi when put together hydroponics is a cultivation technique using the plant water and do not use the soil (humus) as a planting medium or soilles. Another name of the hydropnik is soilless culture or cultivation techniques of landless plants. So it can be concluded, understanding of hydroponic plants is a cultivation technique of plants by utilizing water as a planting medium rich with various nutrients. So with this technique it can simplify the control of pests, diseases and lighting effects are often experienced by plants.

Planting plants with hydroponics systems is an environmentally friendly method. Because in cultivation there is no need to use pesticides or even toxic herbicides. Although the hydroponics system uses water as a cultivation medium but in practice the water required in cultivation is not as much as cultivation in the conventional way. And in the treatment also do not need to be watered regularly. So this is a factor why the crops are safer and healthier. To support the results of hydropnik crops it is necessary to support nutrients such as sand, coconut husk, pebbles and rocks, pumice, wood powder and nylon netting wire. In today's era, planting with a hydroponics system is the right alternative to getting vegetables and fruits on a narrow or limited land. Coupled with the tropical Indonesia conditions is a suitable place to apply this method. Farming with hydroponics will get good results if accompanied by a hobby. Because if starting from the hobby it will be very potential to be a business.
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DIY Hydroponic Ideas
DIY Hydroponic Ideas