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Make combinations of dice as long as possible.

The aim of the game is to make combinations of dice in order to get points and make the best score by staying in the game as long as possible.

Roll the dice and place them skillfully in the empty spaces of the grid. The dice can only be handled in pairs unless there are no more empty double spaces in the grid, in which case the dice can be placed independently of each other.

If you group three or more dice of the same value together, they will form what is called a combination and will disappear, leaving only one die which will take the next value.
For example: a combination of dice with a value of 1 will leave a die with a value of 2, a combination of 2 will leave a 3, and so on. And a combination of 6 will leave a die of value 1.

The points are calculated according to the combination formed. A combination yields the number of dice collected multiplied by the value of the dice.
For example: a combination of three dice with a value of 1 yields 3 points and a combination of three 6s yields 18 points.

A multiplier is added according to the number of dice in the combination:
3 dice = x 1
4 dice = x 10
5 dice = x 100
6 dice = x 1 000
7 dice = x 10 000
8 dice = x 100 000
9 dice = x 1 000 000

And if you form several combinations in a series, another coefficient will multiply the points by 5, 10, 20, 30, etc. depending on the number of successive series.

If you make a double by rolling the dice, you will get a bonus die. Bonus dice can only be placed on empty spaces.

There are 6 bonus dice with the following characteristics:
Double 1: choose the value of the die you are going to place in the grid using the arrows.
Double 2: Choose the value of the dice you are going to remove from the grid by using the arrows.
Double 3: Place the bonus dice in an empty square to remove an entire row from the grid.
Double 4: Place the bonus dice in an empty square to remove an entire column from the grid.
Double 5: Place the bonus dice in an empty square to remove an entire row and column from the grid.
Double 6: Place the bonus dice in an empty square to remove all nearby dice.

It's up to you to adopt your own strategy to break the scores and get into the record books.

Have fun!
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