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E-Pustakalaya is a digital repository of documents, audios and videos - Apk E-Pustakalaya safely for free!

A little about the app E-Pustakalaya

E-Pustakalaya is an education-focused digital library containing full-text documents, books, images, videos, audio files, and interactive educational software that can be accessed through an intranet or on the Internet. OLE Nepal started the development of E-Pustakalaya in 2008 with the aim to improve children's reading skills and develop a reading culture in schools by giving them free and open access to age-appropriate reading materials and to enable students to do research projects and promote habit of independent inquiry. Since E-Pustakalaya went live in 2009, teachers as well as other adults have also benefited widely from various teaching resources, and educational materials in agriculture, health, environment, local technologies, and so on.

Users of E-Pustakalaya can browse through various sections looking for items they like, or they can search for specific items based on full or partial author name, title, publisher and/or keywords. Users can also link to similar items based on author, publisher or keywords through a single click. Users can read books and documents, view videos, listen to audio clips, play educational games directly from E-Pustakalaya, and in the case of books and documents, download and store for later viewing. E-Pustakalaya can also be accessed from android device through E-Pustakalaya app. Using this app users can acess E-Pustakalaya hosted on online or on offline server.

The use of the materials in E-Pustakalaya is governed by Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike copyright licenses. Links provided within E-Pustakalaya are not directly affiliated to OLE Nepal, and are pointers to non-affiliated sites that have been included only for the benefit of the users.

E-Pustakalaya can also be installed in low power servers and deployed in schools and community libraries that either do not have Internet connectivity or have low bandwidth connection. Such local instances of E-Pustakalaya will enable better user experience through fast access and quick downloads.
What's new in E-Pustakalaya?
- Fixes in online and offline (downloaded) books opening.
- Design fixes.
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