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Screenshots - EasyTransfer Screenshots - EasyTransfer Screenshots - EasyTransfer Screenshots - EasyTransfer Screenshots - EasyTransfer Screenshots - EasyTransfer Screenshots - EasyTransfer Screenshots - EasyTransfer

Free apk EasyTransfer download

a cross-platform transmission tools support zero traffic and transmit any file. - Apk EasyTransfer safely for free!

A little about the app EasyTransfer

EasyTransfer is a cross-platform transmission instrument supporting face-to-face transmission, zero traffic and able to transmit any file.

Whether text, music, image or video, movie or APP, you need only several taps to transmit documents. Now, just forget the troublesome transmission cable, as well as the slow Bluetooth, the APP consuming traffic and the application requiring to install software on PC! Why hesitate? Download EasyTransfer right now!

Product Features:
[No network] Sharing at any time and in any place is available without any network and data traffic.
[Global-fast] Transmission speed is 200x Bluetooth, up to above 20M/s maximally.
[Strong function] Image, video, music, installed APP and any file in SD card are supported.
[Easy to operate] After APP is activated, receipt and delivery between friends may be conducted at any time and in any place; one-key sharing of files is available.
[Multi-file transmission] You can transmit one file, multiple files or the whole folder, as you wish.
[Multi-system support] The mobile phones and tablets with the systems from Android 4.0 to Android 7.0 are supported.
[Multi-resolution support] The screens of Android devices with various resolutions are supported.
[Multi-language support] English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are supported.
[RTL layout support] RTL layout and Arabic regions are supported.

How to establish the connection with other devices?
1. The sender, via the button to create connection, creates a connection and waits for the receiver to join in such link.
2. The receiver may click the button to join in connection, search the desired target and then choose the connection to be joined in. Then the connection is done.
How to send files to other devices?
1. After connection is completed, hold the file to be sent. The transmission of single file, multiple files and folder is supported.
2. Select the device connected to send.

☆ Make sure your mobile phone and PC are connected to the same WIFI network.
☆ You may learn to use such APP with the instructions in it.

Support Us:
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☆ Please recommend this APP for your friends.
☆ Please help us translate EasyTransfer.
☆ Please show us your problems or suggestions.
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