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Intermittent Fasting help lose weight most healthily. Simple fasting tracker!

Fasting App - Intermittent Fasting Tracker is a very light and simple fasting tracker. It allows users to modify fasting time and length of the fast and track body weight.

Intermittent fasting is a metabolic health intervention that often involves a daily cycle of fasting and feeding with the goal of raising ketone levels (ketosis), shown to improve body and brain function. Other benefits include:
For both beginner and experienced
Various intermittent fasting plans
Customize plan
Adjust eating period
Set notifications
Smart tracker
Track your weight
Check fasting status
Science-based tips and articles about fasting
No need to count calories intake
Losing weight has become so easy

Effectively Lose Weight
Your body switches into fat burning mode. You’ll burn body fat reserves and prevent food you eat from being stored as fat.

Natural and Healthy
When fasting, your body will actively burn fat, get into detox mode and start the process of regeneration.

Increase Metabolism
During fasting, your growth hormone goes up, and your metabolism will be increased.

This « Fasting App - Intermittent Fasting Tracker » also called as inter fasting app, intermittent fasting app make fasting activities more manageable. With App you can easily monitor the progress of your fasting by day, week and even month. It will give you informative results of your fasting to encourage you in continuing your endeavor of a healthy lifestyle.
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Fasting App - Intermittent Fasting Tracker
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Fasting App - Intermittent Fasting Tracker
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