Foronite x Fortnite
Foronite x Fortnite
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Free apk Foronite x Fortnite download

Fortnite mobile store, Free V-Bucks Pass, News, Direct, Forums, Chats - Apk Foronite x Fortnite safely for free!

A little about the app Foronite x Fortnite

🔥 Battle Pass / up to 2,200 FREE V-Bucks per season 🔥
- You can get these rewards and much more thanks to ForoPoints 🎁

🔥 Fortnite Store 🔥
- Today's Store
- Yesterday's Store
- All Fortnite Skins, Parachutes, Music, Spikes, Dances
- The objects that have not been released the longest and the last time they left
- Cost of all items, rarity, season exited and how to get them
- Store update notifications

🔥 News 🔥
- Daily News
- Leaks
- Fortnite challenges
- Patch Notes
- Events
- Curiosities
- Tips

🔥 Chat 🔥
- Find companions to play in competitive, duos or squads
- Send images for your friends to help you with the challenges
- Write your message with colors to stand out from others
- You can send private messages to any user of the chat

🔥 Forums 🔥
- Open discussions about the Battle Royale
- Doubts, questions and news to share with the players

🔥 Offers 🔥
- Fortnite funkos
- Gift cards and fornite turkeys
- Consoles and controls
- Fortnite mobile toys, clothes and accessories

🔥 Streaming 24h 🔥
- Direct from Twitch of your favorite players
- Chat with them

🔥 ForoPoints 🔥
- Put your creator code in the store for all players to use
- Become the TOP 1 of the ranking
- Rewards and gifts

* Unofficial app for fortnite epic games battle royale
In the future, the fortnite wallpapers option will be available:
Fortnite battle royale game season 3 wallpapers
Wallpapers fortnite app chapter 2 - season 2
Free fortnite android wallpapers chapter 2 - season 1
Fortnite episode 2 season 3

There is not:
Free turkey generator
Fortnite game hacks
and soon also fortnite wallpapers for real 4k free season 3

This app about Fortnite Free, and available for all devices.
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Foronite x Fortnite
Foronite x Fortnite