Funds Manager Client
Funds Manager Client
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Funds Manager offers a common integrated platform for all your financial needs - Apk Funds Manager Client safely for free!

A little about the app Funds Manager Client

Funds Manager offers a common integrated platform for all your financial needs, be it budgeting, investment planning, investing and achieving goals.
We provide tools that allow users to create monthly investment plans track their spending pattern and optimize savings.
Whether you opt for long term or short term investment plans Funds Manager acts as a financial investment advisor and helps you select, compare and keep track of your investment goals.
Funds Manager makes users financially independent by helping them keep track of their money investment.
Funds Manager offers savings optimizer to help user optimize savings, which ultimately helps them to achieve their goals.

Why Use Funds Manager

- Easy account opening
We help you quickly open your mutual fund account and start investing. With us, you don’t need a demat account to start buying mutual funds.

- Easy fund selection & investment
We have tried to make it simpler for you to select the right mutual fund scheme for your financial goals. Once you have shortlisted the schemes, you can go ahead and buy in 3 simple clicks!

- No account opening charges
We don’t levy any charges from our customers.

- Live portfolio tracking
You can see your portfolio value any-time by logging into Funds Manager website or mobile app.

- Human connects
Financial matters require discussion and we have humans to help you in the process. You can either call us or get in touch with our Business Associate/distributors in your location.

What Types of Transactions are Possible

You can do following types of transactions for mutual funds in India
• Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Regular Monthly Investments in mutual funds
• One-time lump sum
• Sell / Redemption: Withdraw money from your mutual fund investments
• Switch: Shift your investment from one scheme to another of the same mutual fund
• Systematic Transfer Plan (STP): You can shift your investment from one scheme to another at fixed interval. It works within a mutual fund.
• Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP): You can withdraw / sell your investments at fixed interval
• Instant Redemption: For some liquid schemes, you can instantly redeem your investment

Key Features-
• View Investments Across All Assets Classes, AMC wise and Family wise
• Recent Transactions for MF
• Check Holding Report for MF
• Recommended Funds and News
• Schedule tasks for your Advisor
• Alerts - SIP Expiry, SIP Bounced, SIP Upcoming
What's new in Funds Manager Client?
Funds Manager offers a common integrated platform for all your financial needs
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Funds Manager Client
Funds Manager Client