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Free fundsPI - Mutual Funds Posted in: 2021-01-31
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Mutual Funds, SIP, Tax Saving : fundsPI - Apk FundsPI safely for free!

A little about the app FundsPI

Be it Investing in top Mutual funds in simple & hassle free-way or availing a small personal loan for small tenure with minimal documentation, FundsPI is the one stop solution for all your need. Invest in SIP or lumpsum of top performing mutual funds across equity or debt or choose from the available investment solutions that suits your risk profile or link your investment to goals of your life, all of this & more on one common platform – FundsPI: The Infinite of funds.

Invest in Top Mutual Funds Online

• Sign-up in minutes & complete one-time KYC (for Non-KYC Investors) on the app itself
• Buy mutual funds in lumpsum or start SIP in few simple steps
• Check multiple performance parameters of schems such as NAV, Fund Manager Name, Asset Size, Technical Ratios, etc. to select the most suitable scheme
• Search from the world of more than 10000 mutual fund schemes, add as many schemes as you want in your cart or mark them in Wishlist before you decide to proceed
• Select from the defined goals or create your own goal and link your investment to goals to achieve your different goals
• Track the live performance of your invested scheme or how are you progressing towards achieving your goals by checking on your dashboard page.
• Sell on single click of a button to get money back in few days

Mutual Fund SIPs & ELSS Tax saving Mutual Fund Starting Rs. 500/ month

• SIPs investment amount Rs. 100/-
• ELSS Tax Saving mutual fund SIP amount of Rs. 500/ month
• Save tax with the best Tax Saving mutual fund schemes
• Save tax up to Rs. 46,800 per year with ELSS mutual funds SIP investment

Explore Mutual Fund Investment Solutions

• Invest across categories of Equity and Debt schemes
• Equity Mutual Funds
• Large Cap Mutual Funds
• Mid Cap Mutual Funds
• Small Cap Mutual Funds
• Debt Mutual Funds
• Balanced Mutual Funds
• Long Term Mutual Funds
• ELSS Tax Savings Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Investing to reach your Goals

• Save tax by investing in top performing ELSS mutual funds
• Plan and invest for your long term goals like retirement planning or children’s education or buying your dream home
• Get better FD returns at low risk. Invest in short liquid schemes or Ultra short liquid schemes.

All Mutual Fund Companies

All 43 mutual fund companies (AMCs) are supported on FundsPI mutual fund app.
• SBI Mutual Fund
• Reliance Mutual Fund
• ICICI Prudential Mutual
• HDFC Mutual Fund
• Axis Mutual Fund
• & more

Track Your investment

• Dashboard to track all your investment
• Track your annualized returns and total returns
• Calculate returns through mutual fund calculator
• Check details of holdings and mutual fund NAV

Add External Investment

• Track all your external investment in the same Dashboard
• Check the latest NAV & current value of your external investments

Small Personal Loan (Key features)
• Fully online starting with application to disbursement till repayment
• Minimal Documentation. KYC, Selfie and Bank Statement
• Fast approval & Digital agreement
• Money transfer directly to bank account
• Interest ranges from 1.49% to 2.49% per month which translate to APR of 17.88% to
• Tenure of the loan ranges from 91 Days to 365 Days which is 3 Months to 12 Months.

Small Personal Loan-Interest Calculation

1. If the principal amount is ₹20,000 and the interest is 18% per annum; and the tenure is 91 days, then the overall interest payable is ₹20,000 x 18/100 x 91/365 = ₹898 only.
2. If the loan amount is ₹25,000 and the interest is 28% per annum; and the loan is to be repaid over
3.EMIs, then the overall interest payable is ₹680 only. The EMI per month would be ₹8,915 only.

Safe and Security
• Latest security standards to keep your data safe and encrypted
• Data transfer over a secure https connection
• No data sharing except for tied-up partners for product execution
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