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Gravity Sim 3D
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Your own universe right in your pocket! A physics sandbox simulation game. - Apk Gravity Sim 3D safely for free!

A little about the app Gravity Sim 3D

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Gravity Sim 3D lets you create beautiful infinite universes that fit in your pocket!

It's not all about creating things, destruction is even more fun. Find innovative ways to reap havoc across solar systems using the tools available to you.

Using a modified realistic model of gravity and an efficient algorithm, Gravity Sim 3D allows you to make huge simulations with a few taps on your screen.

You can also create utterly ridiculous scenarios by using the built in tools to play with physics. Using black holes and wormholes makes for an interesting time and its really fun too!

- Infinite simulation space.
- Wide range of beautiful stars, planets, moons and satellites to choose from.
- Comes with 3 pre-built solar systems for you to destroy.
- Save and load your universes.
- Special objects with more coming soon.
- Black holes with a realistic gravitational lensing effect.
- Repulsive gravity.
- Customize mass and rotation.
- Lock objects in a permanent position to create crazy scenarios.
- Toggle between 2D / 3D viewing modes.
- Tutorial with Nacho the alien to help you learn how to play.
- Draw trails behind objects as they move.
- Follow objects with the camera.
- Catchy background music.
- N-body simulation using the Barnes-Hut algorithm.

Coming Soon:
- More special objects. Maybe friendly / enemy ships with ai
- All suggestions welcome :)
What's new in Gravity Sim 3D?
Major Update!
Edit Mode - edit the properties of things in your universe.
Spectator Mode - view your universe without accidentally blowing something up.
Comets with ice particles and random speed bursts.
Fixed the bugs in the last update.

More updates coming. Alien ships being one of them!
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2.3 and up
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Gravity Sim 3D
Gravity Sim 3D