Guide For Otherworld Legends
Guide For Otherworld Legends
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Otherworld Legends is ChillyRoom’s latest mobile game, that’s out now on iOS and Android platforms. This is is another action-packed dungeon crawler adventure much like Soul Knight and Dungeon Weirdos. Otherworld Legends exhibits a rogue-like system of imposing permadeath penalties whenever you perish within the dungeons. Each dungeon is randomly generated so every dungeon exploration session is a unique one.

Various abilities and weapons are available for each hero and there is room to customize each one to your personal preferences and style. If you are up for an explosive and challenging adventure filled with various surprises along the way, then be sure to check this game out!

otherworld legends strategies

The powerful Asurendra has summoned various warriors into the mirage, which is a labyrinthine dungeon full of treasures and trouble in every room. As part of a series of trials you need to pass in order to uncover the realm’s secrets as well as earn your right to be returned to your world, you are bound to explore the dungeons repeatedly and face various enemies and bosses to strengthen your hero. Defeat will be a common experience but every new dungeon run starts you off with more strength and knowledge than before.

Otherworld Legends may seem wanting as far as tutorials go as you will jump in straight to a battle at the start of your adventure to learn all the basic moves and actions. The controls are actually quite simple and easy to get accustomed to. The challenging part relates to the actual gameplay as precision and strategy both play an important role in your survival. Now, we have come up with a detailed Otherworld Legends beginner’s guide to help you progress through each dungeon. So be sure to stay with us and check out our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies for Otherworld Legends!
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Guide For Otherworld Legends
Guide For Otherworld Legends