Guitar Master Sweeper Lite
Guitar Master Sweeper Lite
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Sweep picking technique lessons with videos, tabs and a routine - Apk Guitar Master Sweeper Lite safely for free!

A little about the app Guitar Master Sweeper Lite

If you have tried learning the sweep picking technique for guitar but your playing is still noisy or a blur and out of control, fear no more. This app will take you there with progressive, well designed lessons that minimize the time you need to get to guitar shredder's level with all of the right tools for learning, such as videos, guitar tabs, exercises, pick animations and a complete practice routine.

Some shred players who are masters of the technique are Frank Gambale, Jason Becker, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rick Graham, etc. This app is not for beginners... maybe you are an intermediate guitar player who could not get passed the basic motions required to make your sweeps sound even and clean, maybe you can sweep up with ease but sweeping down seems rather difficult or impossible, maybe it's only some licks that you have trouble with, or maybe you would like to have a fresh new look, a new perspective on the technique.

All the lessons in this app are completely original and have been created from the need to resolve various difficulties that surfaced from the exploration of the different picking mechanics involved in economy picking, of which sweeping is an example. There are quite a few picking mechanics that have never been explored and are never taught. Normally the student learns a few stock sweeping licks that are arpeggio-based and consist of playing all the notes in the arpeggios in an ascending or descending manner, never skipping a note or exploring different options other than close-position dispositions of an arpeggio. No matter how many inversions/fingerings you know, an arpeggio is going to sound like an arpeggio. The rhythm in which these licks are traditionally played is also very fits very evenly within the metric of a 4/4 bar. These two factors have contributed to generate a disinterest in the technique since most guitarists played the same patterns over and over and it became difficult to apply the technique without sounding overly technical and predictable.

• Complete progressive guitar practice routine composed of 20 exercises for learning the sweep picking technique. Lite version is restricted to 7 exercises without the practice routine.
• Learning the lessons is fun with animated tabs, audio and video at three different speeds.
• 60 Videos with right hand, left hand, tabs and animations of the picking motions. Lite version is restricted to 4 videos.
• Built-in metronome
• Backing track for the practice routine (only for the full version)
• Compatible with Troy Grady's concept of downward and upward pick slanting

Full Internet Access. Videos and audios reside in our server, they need to be downloaded
Modify/delete SD card contents. These files are placed in the SD card to avoid filling your internal storage memory

We think that in today's digital world privacy is of the utmost importance. You can read the complete policy here:

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Guitar Master Sweeper is also available for PC and Mac:

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All music is composed and played by Otto Reina
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Guitar Master Sweeper Lite
Guitar Master Sweeper Lite