HiLink Status Widget
HiLink Status Widget
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Widget to show connection status on Huawei HiLink devices. - Apk HiLink Status Widget safely for free!

A little about the app HiLink Status Widget

For devices that connect to the Internet via a Huawei HiLink device that appears to Android as an Ethernet or WiFi Hotspot device, this widget will query the device's API for connection status, and show it in a widget on your desktop/launcher/overlay so you can see your current signal strength, connection type, status, and roaming status.

Clicking on the widget will give you a full rundown of your connection, carrier, SIM status, traffic, etc.
What's new in HiLink Status Widget?
- Support for reporting battery status on battery-enabled connected HiLink devices.
- Fixed some bugs for API endpoints that just return 'error'.
- Forced widget update when the info activity is clicked on.
- Generic code cleanup/fixes.
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4.1 and up
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HiLink Status Widget
HiLink Status Widget