HTTP Requester
HTTP Requester
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A little about the app HTTP Requester

Designed for Android Developers working with web services, HTTP Requester is a simple tool to allow testing directly from mobile devices by executing common HTTP requests (GET/POST). All requests are recorded and kept in history in order to allow for frequent testing of various scenarios in an organized manner; create the request once and test as much as you need.

With a UI optimized for both Tablets and Smartphones, ease of usability was the main design concern.

- GET & POST Requests.
- Ability to select most common content types (application/json, application/xml, etc.)
- Ability to add headers to request.
- Ability to send text based content or add parameters for x-www-form-urlencoded requests.
- Ability to view response content.
- Requests are saved to local history.
- Ability to view Response Code, Date, Content Length and Elapsed Time (In history).
- Ability to select a saved request in order to review or re-execute.

Currently only fully trusted certificates are usable when connecting via HTTPS. Self-signed certificates will not work. (Ability to work with self-signed certificates will be added in subsequent release).

Headers received in the response are not currently viewable. (Will be added in next release).

Permissions needed:
- Full Internet Access: Ability to send requests (duh!).
- View Network State: Check whether a valid connection method is available.

If you have any questions, issues or want to suggest future functionalities, please use the ‘Email Developer’ link or send email to .
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HTTP Requester
HTTP Requester