IOT Dashboard
IOT Dashboard
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Build IOT dashboard for your Smart Home Automation - Apk IOT Dashboard safely for free!

A little about the app IOT Dashboard

This application lets you build highly customisable IOT dashboards for your smart home things, bringing them all together in a single dashboard.
The app lets you connect any services or IOT devices that expose a REST API.

Some of the supported features:
- Build dashboard for REST enabled things
- Simple to use UI
- Configure each thing based on your REST API request and payload
- Your data is safe. The data is stored only on your device, and the requests are made directly to your things, no other cloud service is involved
- You do not need to install any third party libraries for your things. Just export a REST API
- Reorder the things on the dashboard
- Configure the size of each tile
- Variable number of tiles on Landscape, based on your screen size

These are the things that we currently support:
Switch - on/off button
Button - momentary button
Temperature (and Humidity) - Display a card with both temperature and humidity
Two data points - Display a card with two values coming from your source
One data point - Display a card with one value coming from your source
Line chart - Display a card with a line chart based on your data. The x axis can be either numeric or a date.
Analog clock with support to timezones

Example of use cases:
- Display data from an Arduino device (e.g: ESP8266)
- Control your Arduino device
- Display data from a public API (e.g: weather, exchange rates, etc)
- Display disk usage from you Raspberry PI
- Display data from or control any REST API that you might have
What's new in IOT Dashboard?
Add support for gauge thing
UI improvements while configuring a thing
Bug fixing
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4.2 and up
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IOT Dashboard
IOT Dashboard