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ISign+ OTP
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ISign+ OTP is an application that generates a one time password from Android - Apk ISign+ OTP safely for free!

A little about the app ISign+ OTP

1. What is ISign+ OTP?
ISign+ OTP (One Time Password) is a security application that generates a one-time password to provide additional user authentication at login. ISign+ OTP service generates unique passwords for each login so users can enjoy secure login anytime, anywhere.
* Features
- Generate OTP without requiring data connection
- Multiple OTP registration supported
- Application lock function

2. User Guide
* Initial Registration of OTP
1. After installing ISign+ OTP, enter the OTP name and the serial number from the PC into the field displayed on the mobile phone.
2. Enter the mobile verification code generated by the ISign+ OTP application into the Mobile Registration field displayed on the PC.
3. Enter Test OTP from the ISign+ OTP application into the Test OTP field on the PC screen.
4. If Test OTP is successful, select the Register OTP button on the ISign+ application and the PC screen.
* OTP authentication
1. If the initial login to the service is successful, an OTP number input window will be displayed.
2. Enter the OTP number from the ISign+ application into the OTP input window.

3. Notes on Use
ISign+ OTP is provided to enterprise customers using ISign+.
If an OTP reset message is displayed, please contact the administrator for assistance.
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ISign+ OTP
ISign+ OTP