Jewels Miner 2019
Jewels Miner 2019
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Free apk Jewels Miner 2019 download

Jewels Miner 2019 with full HD graphics and nice effects, hundred of levels. - Apk Jewels Miner 2019 safely for free!

A little about the app Jewels Miner 2019

Jewels Miner 2019 - DELUXE
Jewels gems Deluxe game is kind of jewels game, the new generation of jewels game. With the awesome jewels skill, it make the game reach to the new values. We have built more than 300 levels for you, it's very hard. Do you have enough confident to play this game? It's really like play the jewels miner 2018 in the galaxy.

We have built 300 level for you to discover, Let's beat yourself by pass all of them. It's not easy to get 3 stars, you have to concentrate your mind and be patient to reach 3 stars in each levels. Fighting! The rule of game is so simple, you have to match 3 the jewels! Really Match 3 the jewels to collect the gems and other skills.

Beautiful game effects is one of the best feature of this game, you feel you're playing with the jewels in the space really! or play the Jewels Miner 2019, The game effects are very cool. Let's try and feel! Blast the jewels in a line to get the lightning skill, in a cross to get the jewels bomb, or in a 4 gems to get the Jewels osco.

Jewels gems Deluxe has several kind of jewels bejeweled and they are colorful. So beautiful and deluxe. The jewels are 3D graphics with full shade. All of them made the jewels miner look like jewelry and beautiful.

Game features:
* Nice game graphics, with cool effects
* Many type of jewels shapes
* Beautiful game backgrounds
* More than 300 levels has been built
* Great jewel skills system!
* Full of diamonds with gems bejeweled

This Jewels gems Deluxe game is free jewels game. Let's download then play the first level to enjoy the awesome of the century! Try your best and get the highest score for you!

Have fun and thanks to choose Jewels Miner 2019
What's new in Jewels Miner 2019?
Version 1.4
- Update jewel graphics
- Add new levels

Version 1.3
- Update jewels icons
- Update feature graphics
- Remove some ads
- Fixed bugs on levels
- Fixed unity ads
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Jewels Miner 2019
Jewels Miner 2019