K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP)
K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP)
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Screenshots - K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP) Screenshots - K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP) Screenshots - K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP) Screenshots - K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP) Screenshots - K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP) Screenshots - K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP) Screenshots - K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP) Screenshots - K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP)

Free apk K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP) download

Encyclopaedia dedicated to the Korean pop music (gayo) and Korean Wave (Hallyu). - Apk K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP) safely for free!

A little about the app K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP)

K-pop Karaoke (노래방) is a music encyclopaedia dedicated to the Korean pop music.

★ Artists & Groups
   ● using the Bio section you can learn more about the artists
   ● you can discuss with the whole world your favourite idol in the dedicated forums
   ● if you want to learn where you can purchase license and original products of the artist, you can visit section Shop, which contains detailed information about the official shops
   ● all official artist websites are listed in section Website
   ● in section Calendar you can check the latest tour, concert or appearance dates
   ● keep track of your favourite star on the social networks using the SNS section
   ● all official music videos or dance practices are listed in the Videos section
   ● section News contains all the latest news surrounding your favourite celebrity
   ● thanks to section Lyrics you can sing your favourite songs, even if you are not fluent in Korean, Japenese, Indonesian or Chinese, because it contains Romanization, Pinyin, Romaji and English versions, too

★ Sites
   ● links to all official artist and record label websites
   ● links to the most famous news, lyrics and fan websites

★ Requests
   ● you can report any issues or request new features
   ● you can request links to official videos or song lyrics
   ● you can request new artists or groups

★ Recently Added - view the recently published lyrics, videos, artists or groups

★ My Library - you can browse your local media library

★ Playlists - manage your local playlists

★ Favourites - quick access to your favourite videos, artists or song lyrics

★ Media Player - you can play your local audio or video files

★ K-drama OST Lyrics

In order for us to keep the spirit of K-pop, all users of this application are not allowed use profanity or hate speech towards fellow users, artists or companies.

This application is used by people of all ages, religions and nationalities, respect them!

This application does not intend to violate the trademark of the music companies. Please contact us at the e-mail if you have objections to the publications.

All lyrics are property of their authors and the company they are represented by. All lyrics in this applications are for entertainment and educational purposes. Please support the artists and their companies. Buy the original CDs, MP3s, videos and merchandise.

The sole purpose of this application is to delight the end user and promote K-pop music and Korean Wave (한류/Hallyu).

This application has ads that comply with Google Play Policy. They are needed to cover the costs of maintenance of the application and to keep it free for the end user. Ads do not install new icons or banners in the notification bar.

This is an unofficial fan-made app. This fan app and its content are not officially endorsed or produced by, nor associated with or affiliated with the music artist(s) or any associated entities of the artist(s), such as management or record label. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners. Please support the artists by buying their songs or their ringtones. Any content used is used at a fan-base stand point. Artist and album artwork is used solely for promotion of the lawful retail sale of recorded music as ringtones, and no endorsement or sponsorship of our company or its products by any musical artists or other parties is expressed or implied. Artist names are for identification purposes only. The developer is a curator and aggregator providing easy access to publicly available content. Lyrics displayed by the fan app are property of their respective owners and may only be used for educational purposes.
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K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP)
K-pop Karaoke (가요 ~ KPOP)