Learn VB.Net
Learn VB.Net
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Including following topics:

VB.Net - Overview
VB.Net - Environment
VB.Net - Program Structure
VB.Net - Basic Syntax
VB.Net - Data Types
VB.Net - Variables
VB.Net - Constants and Enumerations
VB.Net - Modifiers
VB.Net - Statements
VB.Net - Directives
VB.Net - Operators
VB.Net - Decision Making
VB.Net - Loops
VB.Net - Strings
VB.Net - Date & Time
VB.Net - Arrays
VB.Net - Collections
VB.Net - Functions
VB.Net - Sub Procedures
VB.Net - Classes & Objects
VB.Net - Exception Handling
VB.Net - File Handling
VB.Net - Basic Controls
VB.Net - Dialog Boxes
VB.Net - Advanced Form
VB.Net - Event Handling
VB.Net - Regular Expressions
VB.Net - Database Access
VB.Net - Excel Sheet
VB.Net - Send Email
VB.Net - XML Processing
VB.Net - Web Programming
VB.NET Data Types
VB.NET Implicit and Explicit Conversions
How to VB.NET Access Specifiers
How to VB.NET Exceptions
VB.NET Option Explicit [On | Off]
VB.NET Option Strict [On | Off]
VB.NET On Error GoTo
How to find date difference in VB.NET
How to CultureInfo in VB.NET
How to use IF ELSE in VB.NET
How to use FOR NEXT loop in vb.net
How to use FOR EACH loop in VB.NET
How to use vb.net While End While loop
Visual Studio IDE
What is Visual Basic?
Building VB Applications
Steps in Building a Visual Basic Application
The Control Properties
The TextBox
The Image Control
Writing the Code
A Counter
Working with Variables
Easy Math
Conditional Operators
Using If.....Then.....Else Statements with Operators
Select Case
Nested For...Next Loop
Built-in Functions
The InputBox( ) Function
The Rnd Function
The Numeric Functions
The Tab function
The Format function
A brief description of Visual Basic
The Visual Basic Environment
Building the Visual Basic Applications
Steps in Building a Visual Basic
The Properties of the Controls
Handling some of the common controls
Functions and Sub Procedure
Creating Sub Procedure
Microsoft Excel Visual Basic Editor
Introduction to Arrays
Declaring Array
Dynamic Array
Sample Program : Creating a text file
Using the Shape control
The Image Control and the PictureBox
The Pset Method
The Visual Basic .NET Language
Symbolic Constants
Operators and Expressions
The Me and MyClass Keywords
Conditional Compilation
The .NET Framework
Configuration Section Groups
Windows Forms I: Developing Desktop
MDI Applications
Graphics Programming with GDI+
Windows Forms II: Controls, Common Dialog Boxes, and Menus
The Timer Class
Form and Control Layout
Common Dialog Boxes
Creating a Control
The Benefits of Visual Basic .NET
Common Language Runtime(LSR)
NET Framework Class Library
Major components of .NET framework
IDE- Menu System
VB.Net - Forms
Solution Explorer
Converting Add-ins to VSPackage Extensions
Tool windows
Properties Window
Server Explorer
Use the Task List
Output window
VB.Net - Label Control
Calendar in vb.net
VB.Net - ScrollBar Control
GroupBox Control In VB.NET
Panel Control In VB.NET
Tooltip Control In VB.NET
Declaring Visual Basic Variables
Understanding Variable Scope
VB.Net - Do Loop
VB.Net - MenuStrip Control
StatusStrip Control In VB.NET
VB.Net - SaveFileDialog Control
VB.Net - FontDialog Control
VB.Net - ColorDialog Control
VB.Net - PrintDialog Control
The Message Box In Vb .Net
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Learn VB.Net
Learn VB.Net