Library: Pehla School Module
Library: Pehla School Module
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A little about the app Library: Pehla School Module

This is the library for the Pehla School application. All versions of the Pehla School app (Hindi, Urdu, English, and Bangla) use this library.

To install English version of Pehla School, go to

To install Hindi version of पहला स्कूल - Pehla School, go to

To install Urdu version of پہلا اسکول - Pehla School, go to

To install Bengali version of পহেলা স্কুল - Pehla School, go to

Pehla School is a free learning app. Designed for ages 3-10 Pehla School engages children with over 2,400 learning activities. Activities include interactive games, videos, books, music, and art.

Pehla School is based on Kitkit School*, a $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE co-winner. Kitkit School increased students’ reading scores 30 to 45% and math scores 14 to 37%. Kids love using Kitkit School. 81% of students who downloaded the app were actively using it a year later. To learn more about the original Kitkit School application, visit

Pehla School contains hundreds of fun lessons that teach children reading, writing, and math skills. Lessons progress as your child learns, teaching new skills while reinforcing previous exercises. Pehla School is free. There are no ads or subscriptions.

Pehla School helps kids:

Learn on their own: Kids learn reading and math skills through 2,400 fun activities.

Personalize instruction: Kids can choose from a variety of reading and math lessons. The app includes 280 literacy sessions, 260 math sessions, 130 multi-level books, and 120 videos.

Read without distractions: Pehla School works offline without ads, allowing children to focus on the current lesson.

Discover many topics: The app covers a variety of engaging topics, including animals, science, friendship, and role models.

Showcase creativity: The app includes virtual instruments, a blackboard to practice writing, and drawing and coloring tools to create unique artwork.


* Kitkit School® is a registered trademark of Enuma, Inc.
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Library: Pehla School Module
Library: Pehla School Module