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Logcat Window Free
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Logcat Window Free - Apk Logcat Window Free safely for free!

A little about the app Logcat Window Free

**IMPORTANT** For Android 4.1 or higher, since Google has restricted the accessing of the logs, normal application cannot read the logs anymore. Please use adb shell to execute "pm grant com.renjing.logscreenfree android.permission.READ_LOGS" to grant the permission for this app manually! This has to be done before you opening the app for the first time, otherwise you need to reboot you phone after grant the permission.

Now with logcat window, you'll be able to check what's happening in the background at runtime.
You do not have to connect your Android device with your PC to see anything out put by logcat.
And you do not have to switch applications to check the log on the device, you just look at the floating logcat window!
Easy to use, with ability to be resized and dragged, and even folded, you can use it anywhere, anytime on top of any application.

This is the first version on sale, please report any issues you found to us. We will improve it as soon as possible.

By purchasing the premium version of our Logcat Window, you can also select the log types your want to check - main log, system log, radio log, and event log.
The priority of the logs can also be set, as well as the filter, by log tag or process names.
What's new in Logcat Window Free?
Now you can send logs via email.
You can report the current logs to anyone that is necessary to be noticed!
UI experience is improved in this new version!
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Logcat Window Free
Logcat Window Free