Lund - School Planner
Lund - School Planner
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The perfect agenda to make your school year a success ! 🔥 - Apk Lund - School Planner safely for free!

A little about the app Lund - School Planner

Lund is a practical application for students of all ages. It is designed to make it easy for you to organize and review to get the best grades ! Whether you're in middle school, high school or university, Lund will be a great help to you to succeed in your school year !

📕 ~ Much more than a diary
At a glance, view all your upcoming assignments and exams in a quick and easy way! Daily notifications will help you remember everything. You can even add pictures of your lessons and have them with you everywhere !

🌐 ~ Accessible everywhere
Access your diary from anywhere by creating an online account. You will be able to view all your school data from any device by logging on to "", available for free!

📌 ~ Control your future
Also enjoy your new fully customizable schedule. You can change the colors but also juggle between several schedules to adapt to all situations !

✏️ ~ All in one place
Add your notes and subjects in the app, and we'll calculate your overall average so you can see how you're progressing ! A countdown timer is present so that you can take the time to study and succeed.

🙌 ~ We're together
We know that it's not always easy to motivate yourself to work, that's why we've created Lund, to make your life easier ! Join today many students who have chosen to succeed in order to achieve their dream ! 🧠

⚡ Free, simple and fast
📝 Homework, exams and reminders
🗓️ Several schedules
🎯 Calculate your average
📚 Save your lessons
🌐 Online synchronization
📬 Notifications
What's new in Lund - School Planner?
- Bug fixes ⚔️
- Synchronize your data with the Cloud 🌐
- Web interface to view your homework everywhere 🔥
- Personalization of notes améliorée⭐
- Added A/B weeks ✔️

As a new update for this new school year, we have expanded the possibilities of Lund so that you can make your school year even more successful ! Good luck to you in the future ! ✨
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Lund - School Planner
Lund - School Planner