Mad Landlord
Mad Landlord
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Tens of thousands of landlord user the best choice for leisure and entertainment - Apk Mad Landlord safely for free!

A little about the app Mad Landlord

Fair and professional landlord game platform
[Game Features]
1. Collection of boutique landlords
Classic landlords, happy landlords, unshuffled landlords, play all ways!
2. Network battles save traffic, stand-alone mode is also wonderful
Ultra-low network traffic, more stand-alone mode, can play games anytime, anywhere without the network!
3. New game mode to stimulate fun and win rewards
The game field is open regularly, and the welfare and grand prix are exciting to send!
4. Prevent cheating and play fair
Use the most advanced anti-cheating technology, enter the game automatic table, win or lose depends on the level!
What's new in Mad Landlord?
1.Page and network optimization
2.New functions such as monthly card and event
3.Added card reader function
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4.2 and up
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Mad Landlord
Mad Landlord