Mobile Phone Tracker - Family Locator
Mobile Phone Tracker - Family Locator
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Free apk Mobile Phone Tracker - Family Locator download

Find your family members and friends on the map with location tracker app - Apk Mobile Phone Tracker - Family Locator safely for free!

A little about the app Mobile Phone Tracker - Family Locator

Find your family members on the map & locate your kids with Family Locator.

Highlights of find my friend location by phone number app:
✓ Family location tracker with GPS location tracker from one to another mobile function
✓ Family locator and kids tracking app free in family map find my friends and family locator
✓ Display notifications immediately when friends or relatives move from one place to another
✓ Providing a navigation on the map helps move to your relative location easier than ever
✓ GPS track cell phone family and friend locator
✓ GPS tracker for your kids phone and tracker app to find my friends phone

Advantages of family tracker and locator app:

+ Find a friend mobile locator with friends tracking app
+ Find exact location of my family members with the help of cell phone number
+ Keeping your location and family safe is our top concern, your position is only revealed to those you trust.
+ Option to review location history on map
+ Find family and friend live location of mobile number
+ Friendly interface, easy to use
+ Free for find my friend and family locator app
+ Track a cell phone number and location where is right now

3 simple steps to using the friend locator phone tracker app:
[1] - Install my friend location tracker on map by phone number, relatives
[2] - Click on find location and select a friend from the contact list, track friends location phone
[3] - The phone tracker by number application will send the request to the other person, wait a few seconds and you will receive a notification of their location

The friend location finder application uses professional GPS to quickly locate the location of your friends or relatives. You will not have to worry about not knowing where they are going or what they do. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you do not need to constantly text, call and still have peace of mind about them, as long as their device has our application installed. This will definitely be a useful tool to help you track the position of family members, especially children or the elderly.

Especially: In case your phone is lost, check the location of the handset and track it with a phone of your family member. To view its location on the map and find the culprit provided that your mobile phone and location services are always turned on.

Location Access Permission: This app collects location data to enable sending your location over TCP even when the app is closed. A persistent notification is shown while the app is running to remind you the app is running in the background. You may stop this at any time from the main page of the app. We do not share your location data for advertising.

We will not display your location without your consent. This is a safe private family locator.
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Mobile Phone Tracker - Family Locator
Mobile Phone Tracker - Family Locator