Mobilscan - your OBD tool
Mobilscan - your OBD tool
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Free Mobilscan ApS Posted in: 2020-11-03
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Screenshots - Mobilscan - your OBD tool Screenshots - Mobilscan - your OBD tool Screenshots - Mobilscan - your OBD tool Screenshots - Mobilscan - your OBD tool Screenshots - Mobilscan - your OBD tool Screenshots - Mobilscan - your OBD tool Screenshots - Mobilscan - your OBD tool Screenshots - Mobilscan - your OBD tool Screenshots - Mobilscan - your OBD tool

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MobilScan OBD - Check your car using your phone! see - Apk Mobilscan - your OBD tool safely for free!

A little about the app Mobilscan - your OBD tool

NB: Requires a MobilScan OBD adapter - get it from It will not work with other adapters.

We have apparently not been sufficient clear about supported cars:
As this is an OBD adapter, only EOBD/OBDII compatible cars are supported.
In EU, all cars sold since 2001(gasoline)/2004(diesel) are required to be EOBD/OBDII compatible.
As far as we can tell, most brands comply, but if you have a French car, you may want to check its compatibility.
You may have luck with older cars, too.

Read more at!

** 2.7 **
Text i Swedish and Finnish

** 2.6 **
More workarounds for the phones' different ways of handling BT pairing and connection.

** 2.5 **
Some phones (XPeria GO, and others using Android 4.X) have seen problems connecting to the adapter. Release 2.5 contains a workaround that seems to have fixed this.
The font size now respects the general font scaling setting on the phone.

** 2.4 **
HUD mode for Instrument page (1 or two instruments only, 3/4 would be too cluttered).
Select HUD from the menu. Tap the HUD display to select color.
For Android 3.0 and newer.

*** New in 2.3 ***
Workaround for the apparent Bluetooth problems introduced in Android 4.2 and 4.3. Tested on Nexus4, HTC One, and Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

*** New in 2.2 ***
View your previous reports as 'My reports' (report page).

*** New in version 2.1.4 ***
* Sharing of snapshot report now also possible to facebook and similar services. Requires that you have the Facebook app installed.
* 'Real' fuel consumption calculation added - FOR GASOLINE/PETROL VEHICLES. This will only be visible on vehicles having MAF (Mass AirFlow), otherwise we simply don't have the necessary information. Note that the value may be visible also on diesel vehicles, but that calculated value is most likely completely wrong, then. We have no (sure) way of detecting a diesel, so in that case, you'll have to use the 'Energy burn' calculation instead.
* Take a screenshot and share it with your friends. Available from the menu (or in the action bar if there's room).

Now you do not need to drive on with the MIL light on.
Now you do not need to wait to go to the garage with your car to know what is wrong.
Now you can prepare the garage by knowing what is wrong.
Now you can see what is wrong with your car on your holiday so that you know if you can drive on.

And all this for less than what most garages take for doing the same test once.

The system comprises an this app and an OBD Bluetooth adapter you either buy at the local dealer or online.

MobilScan gives access to car information as defined by the ISO standards about OBD, this means that you can read out fault codes, continuously receive and display a full list of engine parameters like oxygen sensor readings, air mass, temperature sensors and other parameters used by the engine control computer (ECU).
When you want to capture the current state of the car, you may send a 'snapshot report'. MobilScan compiles information about the current state of the car, and allows you to send this as a HTML report to a receiver of your choice (e-mail, Bluetooth, ...)

NB! The MobilScan software is free, but we're trying to make a living from this, and you'll have to buy the corresponding MobilScan OBD adapter from us. Please contact for pricing and availability in your region. If you are already a MobilScan customer, you may use your existing OBD adapter.

If you are just looking for a fault code lookup tool, try

Version 2.0 uses the ActionBarSherlock framework to implement action bar support on early Android versions. If you're a developer: try it!

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What's new in Mobilscan - your OBD tool?
2.7.3: DTCs in Swedish and Suomi
2.7.2: Fix for crash when listing reports.
2.7.1: Fix for translation mistake causing crashes in Finnish and Swedish. Sorry...
2.7: Swedish and Finnish added
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Mobilscan - your OBD tool
Mobilscan - your OBD tool