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Connects with the clamp meter and uses waveform display and measurement data. - Apk Multi-Tracer safely for free!

A little about the app Multi-Tracer

【Main function】
● Current waveform display
- The current waveform can be displayed easily on smartphone or tablet.You can investigate the sources of harmonics and noise, and compare the waveforms before and after equipment replacement.Compared to an oscilloscope, it is excellent for portability, making it ideal for small investigations in the field.

● Accumulation of measurement data
- Measurement data displayed on smartphone or tablet can be saved in the cloud and accumulated.Since the measurement data is linked with the map information of the measurement point, it is easy to manage, eliminating the work saved by handwriting, which leads to shortening of working time.Moreover, by comparing with past data, it can be utilized as a guide for early detection of equipment abnormality and deterioration diagnosis.

Multi-Tracer supports the following products.

【Corresponding product】
- M-1140X Leakage Current Clamp Tester with Bluetooth

- M-1140XR Leakage Current Clamp Tester with Bluetooth

【Precautions for use】
- This application supports Android OS 5.0 or later, but it does not guarantee that it will work properly on all Android devices.Depending on the model of your device and version of Android OS, Bluetooth connection may not be possible if the GPS function is turned off.If you can not connect to the instrument, please turn on GPS function or upgrade Android OS.
-Depending on the model of your device, it may take time to display the current waveform to adjust the amount of data of the current waveform according to the maximum data transfer rate of Bluetooth.
What's new in Multi-Tracer?
- Improved Analog display
- Added the Multi-Tracer User Guide
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