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Free Creaxt Inc Posted in: 2020-09-18
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Enter the world of funlearning with museplay AR. - Apk musePlay AR safely for free!

A little about the app musePlay AR

Every child is born full of creativity. Nurturing it is one of the most important things we do.
We believe in creating products and provides services which are designed to be as limitless as a child’s imagination to conquer the 21st Century World.
musePlay AR is a mingle of curiosity and creativity.
This app works with muse play Kreative Kit.
With six Augmented Reality Flash Cards Set, two Colouring Books and unlimited educational videos, this is the BEST curiousity engagement app for kids.
While using musePlay AR, our intelligent bot (AI) persue the curiousity and give information based on kids behavior making it a complete personalized toy.
The platform offers a unique amalgamation of offline to online ‘learn by fiddling’ experience with digitally enabled Flash Cards, Colouring Books that offers real-time immersive experience. The application creates a friendly environment and captivates young minds to a world of immersive experience, interactive videos, educational games and activities. The app has been diligently crafted by the in-house R&D team and educationist.
Experience 4D interactions in each card
1. Alphabet Flash Cards
a. Create Words and Scan to see magic.
b. Phonics
c. Learn Words with Activities
2. Numbers Flash Cards
a. Do Operations with Numbers and see it in 4D
b. Surprise Cards
c. Counting Games to increase Quantitative Skill
3. Fruits Flash Cards
a. Slice the fruits to see how it looks from inside
b. Customize Fruit Salad
c. Memory Game to increase retentivity
4. Animals Flash Cards
a. Create Jungle and roam around Animals
b. Feed them with Food Cards
c. Two interactive games to learn about their habitata and sound
5. Vehicles Flash Cards
a. Drive all the Vehicles
b. Fly the Aeroplane
c. Create road and obstacles to drive vehicles
6. Occupations Flash Cards
a. Learn about different proffesions
b. Help them to complete their job
c. Create avatars
Bring your creativity into life!
1. mixedBAG
a. Colour Pages and bring each creation into life.
b. Play with your wn creation
c. Share it among friends
2. Space Exploration Episode 1
a. Colour each character to learn the story
b. One-Of-Its-Kind Story book driven by kids cuiousity
c. Share your creativity socially
Unlimited videos from Panchatantra to Moral and activities to nurture the curious minds daily.
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musePlay AR
musePlay AR