My Secret Diary App
My Secret Diary App
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Keep all your secrets safe thanks to this brand new lockable diary! - Apk My Secret Diary App safely for free!

A little about the app My Secret Diary App

♡ We all have some private things that we'd like to keep to ourselves, but we have to express our emotions somewhere. That's where ❦ My Secret Diary App ❦ comes in! This is a wonderful “diary with lock password for girls” that, in addition to holding all your precious memories and feelings, looks marvelous! It is the most adorable “customized diary” you will find on the internet! This “cat diary” is accompanied by cute kittens all over it, which makes this “journal app” simply irresistible! So, come get your “cute diary” today! ❦ My Secret Diary App ❦ brings the greatest “diary theme” to the table, and you just can't miss out on it!


This is what you can do with the awesome “picture diary” app:

✿ Any entry in this “secret diary with lock” can be added or deleted!
✿ Organize the entries by from oldest to latest or vice versa!
✿ Look them up effortlessly thanks to the search option!
✿ Upload a pic from your own photo gallery and make this “personalised diary” even more personal!
✿ In a hurry? Use the quick text option to write speedily!
✿ Pick your favorite “cute cat wallpaper” to make your diary purrfect!
✿ Your “dear diary” program allows for total customization, so there are endless style variations!
✿ Use the wide range of emojis so that you can express your feelings more vividly!
✿ Customize the font style, color, and size to your liking!
✿ Change the wallpapers and the color of buttons to match your groove!
✿ Set up a lock password so that only you can read whatever is written there!
✿ Leave a comment and/or a rating for feedback on this free diary app!


♡ Thanks to this “personal diary”, anything you might have on your mind, and is too sensitive to be shared with others will be secured properly. It is a “my password journal” that uses the most advanced technology to keep potential intruders away from your personal stuff. There are way too many nosy parkers out there who just can't wait to stick their nose in other people's business. Well, they have no chance of breaking into this secret lock diary! You can rest easy knowing that the memories you cherish the most are protected from such people.

♡ This “personal diary app” completely replaces the impractical physical diaries! ❦ My Secret Diary App ❦ will keep everything you hold dear virtually in your smartphone or tablet device! Gone are the days when you have to worry about someone reading your diary when you aren't home or, even worse, someone trying to steal it. The wonderful “emoji diary” will is not only more practical but also lets you show your mood much more creatively! The cuddly animated cat images will entirely transform your cellphone! If you're a cat person, this is a must-have app for you!

♡ If you want the ideal “diary with lock and key”, look no further than ❦ My Secret Diary App ❦! The most amazing diary application is one click away! All you need to do is press that Download button, install the cute diary, and you're all set! Write what's on your mind, change backgrounds and fonts, add emoticons, all that using a single app! You don't have to spend countless hours looking for a journal that fits your preferences best when you can create your own in just a few minutes. Download this lock diary for girls now, and build a home for your feelings and opinions!
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My Secret Diary App
My Secret Diary App