mypensionID - my digital ID
mypensionID - my digital ID
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Free mypensionID Posted in: 2021-01-04
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Digital Identity for Pensions - Apk mypensionID - my digital ID safely for free!

A little about the app mypensionID - my digital ID

mypensionID enables you to communicate with your pension provider using a combination of biometrics and liveness techniques. It confirms and authenticates personal identity to official validated documents. All within minutes.

Using innovative and proven mobile technology and biometrics, mypensionID offers a secure and convenient way for you to keep your pension scheme data up to date, ensuring you never lose touch with your pension pots and control the information you receive. You own and are in control of your data.


If you have received an invitation letter from mypensionID, all you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions to onboard with mypensionID. You’ll need the 12-digit Unique Security Code from the letter and you’ll need to verify your identity with a selfie and a valid government issued photo identity document (passport, driving licence or national ID card).
After you’re set up, you can create a 5-digit passcode to log in faster in future.


•Log in quickly and securely
•Instant verification - no interruption to your pension payments
•Saving you time and hassle - No need to send documents through the post
•Update your details as they change
•Call us straight from the app to speak to an adviser or use live chat function
•Update all pension schemes that you belong to (providing they are registered with mypensionID).

The average person has 9 jobs in their working life. Updating pension providers with new address details can be a cumbersome process, or one that is treated as low priority, and often leads to individuals losing track of their benefits. When it’s hard to find a moment for those small but important jobs, mypensionID is here to help. It’s fast, convenient secure, with built-in security technology to keep your details safe and private.


We use the latest online security measures to protect your personal information and your privacy. This includes preventing connections from the app on devices that we think have been tampered with.
Your unique biometric details are converted into a non-identifiable biometric key that can only be matched to you.
Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
What's new in mypensionID - my digital ID?
This release provides a better user experience and clearer notes to support the customer journey.
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mypensionID - my digital ID
mypensionID - my digital ID