Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks
Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks
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Screenshots - Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks Screenshots - Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks Screenshots - Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks Screenshots - Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks Screenshots - Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks Screenshots - Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks

Free apk Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks download

Period survival tips written by a girl that actually work, backed by science. - Apk Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks safely for free!

A little about the app Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks

Help yourself feel better with the ultimate period aid app providing only verified remedies proven to work against period discomforts. The included tips will help you deal with everything from mood swings, menstrual cramps and spasms associated with period pains. Just so you can feel better 💟

All of the information in this app was thoroughly researched, written and tested by a woman. The goal was to once and for all provide a comprehensive list of actually working period advice (aka proven by science) that can help you, that you can always have on your phone wherever you go, and with no Internet connection necessary.

The app contains easy to follow period tips, which are conveniently grouped into categories, displayed as an organized point-by-point list. You will find complete and trusty advice all in one place as well as explanations to why those period tips work. The app was designed so that you can install it once and come back to it every month, during those rainy days - it will be here for you to remind you of all the hacks to help ease your discomfort or pain. On top of that, once downloaded the apps' icon is simply called "Remedy", so it looks discreet when you aren't using it and won't stand out among your other apps.

All of the period tips in this app were thoroughly researched and contain true explanations to why they work.

After using this app, you will know which period advice you can rely on. Unlike many menstruation advice -giving websites, we don't list tips just because they are so frequently posted elsewhere that they cheat themselves into becoming considered common knowledge. If a tip doesn't have enough of a legitimate basis, it won't be on our list (cough-cough acupuncture). We don't list things that "seem right" just because of their popularity. To make matters worse, some of the commonly-repeated period advice found online could work against us in reality. This period app was made to combat that, so that you never have to search through the hundreds of ineffective (and sometimes harmful) period tips found online, so you don't have to wonder which period advice to trust, because you will have all the backed by science, working ones in one place.

Everything from easing your period cramps with exercise and chocolate to planning and crafting a period survival kit- this app has got your back.

This is not a period tracker, but it is a great source of information to supplement a period tracker app, if you use one. There are several good period apps for women, but this one was actually written by one!

After some (figurative and literal) blood, sweat and tears, this is the first public release of the Period Remedy app. What it means is, if it proves helpful, I'll be happy that it's serving its purpose, and I'll try to expand it by researching and adding more content, more period advice, more period hacks and more puppies!
While the app includes an ad, I've put a lot of extra effort into making it as human-friendly as possible - it appears only once every 5 minutes and never when you're in the middle of reading. Also, to compensate, there are some photos of puppies scattered throughout the app!

While all of the tips included in Period Remedy have a legitimate basis or are scientifically proven, it does not guarantee that each one will work for you, because everyone's body is different, and different things work for different people. However, these are reliable period tips that you can try out to find out which work for you, and which don't. The tips in this app are conveniently labeled by numbers, that you can write down to revisit the ones working best for you.

Thank you for giving it a try, and I hope you have a wonderful day! 💗
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Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks
Period Remedy - Advice, Tips & Hacks