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Let’s “visualize” the construction site and improve productivity and quality! - Apk Photoruction safely for free!

A little about the app Photoruction

“Photoruction” is a production support cloud service for architecture/civil engineering. “Photoruction” provides an environment where architects and civil engineers can focus on their essential works.

[About Photoruction]
Photoruction is an app that centralizes and manages production information to share it in real-time. It makes the daily tasks on site more efficient such as inspecting/recording/patrolling, in addition to supporting quality improvement through preventing reworks and keeping storage of data after completion.
There are many functions to improve productivity, but the operation is very easy and simple!

[Main functions]
《Photo functions》
・Share the situation on-site in real-time
・Automated organization of pictures
・JACIC compatible small electronic blackboard

《Diagram functions》
・Smoothly browse through large-volume diagrams
・You can add a variety of information
・Diagram version management

《Task functions》
・Actualizing the visualization of work
・Sending notices to staff in charge
・Sharing work situation in real-time

《Inspection functions》
・Centralized management of the inspection progress information
・Easy creation of inspection forms (*available in web browser versions)
・Create inspections from the reinforcement arrangement list all at once. (*available in web browser versions)

《Document functions》
・Easily create troublesome documents
・Excel/PDF outputs (*available web browser versions)
・Automatic organizations

《Reliable/Safe Security》
・Encryption of confidential information
・URL token
・ISO 27001 certification server
・Encryption of all transmissions
・Measures to deal with lost devices
・Two-factor authentication

[The service is recommended for:]
Photoruction is a service that can be used in anyone who is involved in architecture/civil engineering.
(There are usage records in repair works and renovations)

・Organizing construction site pictures can be troublesome
・It is a lot of work to compress files each time sending pictures to other companies
・It’s not ideal to walk around with heavy diagrams and construction blackboards during a shooting
・The overtime work going back to the office every time for reports should be eliminated
・Construction photographic ledgers should be more made more easily
・Data sharing for the overall project should be easy
・Reinforcement arrangement inspections should be conducted more efficiently
・Instructions are created using PowerPoint, but it’s ideal to be able to send problem sections in real-time

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in Photoruction such as “first, I want some materials with the service summary,” “I want to know more about the price,” “I want to try it in my company to see if the productivity improves,” and “I don’t know enough about adopting the service.”

Phone: (excl. weekends and holidays, 10:00-19:00)03-3527-3049
What's new in Photoruction?
・The project list has been updated.
・A few bugs were fixed.
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