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Create a greatest hits playlist of any artist on Spotify sorted by popularity. - Apk Playlistify safely for free!

A little about the app Playlistify

Playlistify allows you to create a multiple/single album greatest hits playlist of any artist on Spotify sorted by popularity.

Once you have searched and selected your artist in the app, you can then include / exclude the albums you want to add to your playlist.

Press the CREATE PLAYLIST button and it will carefully sort all the songs in each of the albums you chose according to number of user plays on Spotify.

The first song on the playlist will be the most popular song on the latest release, followed by the most popular song on the album prior to the latest release, etc... through all the albums you selected. It will then addd the 2nd most popular song from the latest album, the second most popular song from the previous album, and so on until it adds every song from every album you have selected to include.

Creating a playlist like this on your own would take you days to research and then build for an artist that had 3 or more albums in their discography. In most cases, Playlistify does all the hard work for you in under 15 seconds, (depending on your internet connection speeds).

The first time you run the app, you will be prompted to sign into your Spotify account. Once you grant Playlistify permission to build Spotify playlists on your behalf, it will automatically create a Playlistify "Free Version" account for you. "Free Version" accounts can only create playlists 10 songs in length. Each time you create a playlist using a "Free Version" account, you will be asked if you would like to make a one time purchase for $3 USD, using your credit card, which will immediately upgrade your account to the "Pro Version". Pro Version users can create unlimited full length playlists.

You can use your Playlistify account on all of your phone / tablet devices that you access your Spotify account on. Thus, you could use it on your Android phone, your Android Tablet, and your iPad (using the IOS version of Playlistify). Your one time $3 USD upgrade to "Pro Version" will transfer to all of your devices. This means you could create Playlistify playlists on all your devices.

Clicking on any of your playlist thumbnails on the list page will launch the playlist and start playing it in the Spotify app on your device.

What are you waiting for? Try out the "Free Version" of the app, use it as long as you like, and we hope that eventually you will upgrade to a Pro account to create Playlistify playlists for every one of your favorite artists.
What's new in Playlistify?
Added payment processing information to the Upgrade Successful screen:

Visa card transactions will show up payable to Playlistify.

American Express transactions will show up payable to Stripe.

We utilize the Stripe payment processing service.
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