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Keep Tokyo in your pocket! - Apk Pocket Tokyo safely for free!

A little about the app Pocket Tokyo

Pocket Tokyo
is a new generation of map based applications.

Your goal -as the Editor in Chief of Pocket Tokyo- is to create the best Tokyo guidebook, ever.

You will get a companion to help you on the way, a Drone.

Guide your Drone through the completely remodeled 3D virtual Tokyo and explore every bit of the city either in real life or from your home.

Experience a new way of interaction.

Pocket Tokyo offers two different control methods.
The GPS Mode if you are in Tokyo and the innovative Tap Mode if you are in any other part of the world.

Move freely in the city or explore it from the comfort of your couch.
Start your Journey from home and continue where you left off when you arrive to Tokyo.

Enjoy your freedom.

● Choose between two different map designs

Switch between the realistic 3D map and the top-down Birdview map on the go, whenever and wherever you feel so!

● Navigate through Tokyo in a visually stunning style

The whole city is in your hands, you don’t need to know where you want to go. Just follow the landmarks on the Map.

Intuitive navigation.

● Never feel lost again

Pocket Tokyo has everything you may need to explore the Japanese capital.

Included dictionary, interactive guides, tips and tricks and address search.

All in one place

● Game and navigation in one

Pocket Tokyo is as much a game as your guide.

Visit more than 300 landmarks, collect coins and hidden objects, unlock items, participate in JRPG-like interactive conversations, and make your very own virtual Home in Tokyo.
Or just explore the city.

The choice is yours.

Have you ever wanted to visit Tokyo?
Now, it’s your chance.

Please note: creating 3D maps in real time can be a very demanding task, Pocket Tokyo is optimized for higher end devices only. If you experience performance related issues please visit the Settings section to optimize performance.
What's new in Pocket Tokyo?
- Several bug fixes and performance improvements
- Faster loading times
- Fixing a bug in the intro preventing the user to continue the tutorial if the application was closed before reaching the Main Menu
- Initial Tutorial can be replayed from the Main Menu
- Several typo fixes
- Faster in-Game UI
- Improved GPS reception
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Pocket Tokyo
Pocket Tokyo