Power Battery
Power Battery
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Free apk Power Battery download

It monitors battery every second ,stores battery history,chargers are tested - Apk Power Battery safely for free!

A little about the app Power Battery

This app helps to detect power consuming apps real timely 🕒.

► Through permanent notification enabled we can monitor power usage during our activity 🔋

► Estimates battery remaining time accurately which helps to schedule your work accordingly 🗓

► Stores all battery charge and discharge data so user can keep track of charging history 📈

Following Notifications will be available once you enabled:

► Notifies when charge is full to avoid over charging which helps to improve battery life 📢

► Notifies on low battery to avoid battery death ⏳

► Notifies on high voltage to avoid battery damages⚡

► Notifies on high cpu temperature which increase battery lasting time🌡
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Power Battery
Power Battery